The Band, the Myth, the Legend...

Meet Heybale!

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Kevin Smith Heybale

The Band, the Myth, the Legend...

Heybale! has been holding down Sunday nights at the Continental Club in Austin since 2000.

In the current band incarnation, Tom Lewis is playing drums, Redd Volkaert holds court on guitar, Earl Poole Ball pounds out the piano, Kevin Smith plays bass, and Dallas Wayne plays rhythm guitar.

With a constant stable of the town’s very best players, the sounds coming from the stage on any Sunday night bring in dancers, hipsters, late nighters and off-duty musicians.

The History

Ironically, the beginning of Heybale! was actually at the End -- a club in Nashville where the band played its first performance. The only “post-Nashville” members of the band at that time were Tom and Redd, although they did meet a country singer named Gary Claxton who had recently moved to Nashville from Oklahoma.

In 2000, Tom decided to move to Austin where he ran into Earl – they had met previously at the Palomino in Hollywood nearly 10 years before then. Within that same year, Redd and Gary also relocated to Austin, and by June of that year Heybale! had been resurrected.

The Music

Come on out and kick up your heels on Sunday nights at the Continental Club; you won't regret it. In the meantime, check out the videos below for a little taste of this legendary band. Enjoy!